Pennant Down To The Wire With A Three Way Tie For First

by Neil Srivastava

Dear Mother Nature, take the day off.  We have a Pennant Race to decide.

Here's the final breakdown just in time for game #42 across the Intercounty Baseball League on Sunday 

London Majors 30-11  (at Toronto Sunday) 
The Majors need to do their part vs. the Leafs to hold on to a share of first place. Owen Boon is expected to make the start for the Majors in the always tough confines of Christie Pits.

Welland Jackfish  30-11  (at Hamilton Sunday) 
Welland closes out their regular season in Hamilton Sunday afternoon against the Cardinals at 2 pm

Guelph Royals 30-11 (at Kitchener Sunday)
The Royals travel up highway 7 Sunday to face the Kitchener Panthers who beat the Royals earlier this season at Jack Couch Park.

Should all three teams win out their remaining games,  they would all finish the regular season with a 31-11 record which would cause a three-way tie for first place and would mean one and potentially more playoff games to determine the pennant winner.

From the IBL website the tie-breaker format is as follows:

FIRST PLACE - Where two teams are tied for first place, the team winning the division title will be decided by a sudden death game or games if more than two teams are tied.

The site for the sudden death game will be decided by comparing won and lost records against each other or if necessary, comparing runs for and against between the teams involved. If a tie still exists then a coin toss will establish home field.

Current Season Series Records

London and Welland split their season series 3-3
Guelph took their series with Welland 4-2
London and Guelph split their season series 3-3

Head to Head Records of all three tied teams
Guelph 7-5
London 6-6
Welland 5-7

3 Way Tie After Sunday's Games   -   Welland places 3rd as their record in head-to-head games is 5-7.   London will host Guelph in a sudden death playoff game as they outscored  Guelph 26-23 in head-to-head games this season.  

2 Way Tie - Welland and London Win, Guelph Lose  - Guelph Finishes 3rd.  London hosts the sudden death game as they outscored Welland 55-39 in their head-to-head games.

2 Way Tie - Welland and Guelph Win, London Lose - London Finishes Third.  Guelph hosts Welland in one game sudden death playoff as they won the season series 4-2 in head-to-head games

2 Way Tie- London and Guelph Win, Welland Lose - Welland Finishes 3rd.   London will host Guelph in a sudden death playoff game as they outscored  Guelph 26-23 in head-to-head games this season.

If two teams lose on Sunday leaving one team at 31-11  - The winning team claims the pennant.  If London and Guelph Lose, London is 2nd Guelph Third.      Welland and Guelph Lose, Guelph is 2nd    If London and Welland lose London is 2nd.