Royals Seek Partners to Expand Ownership Group

by Ryan Eakin

GUELPH -- Shawn Fuller, owner of the Guelph Royals Baseball Club, has revealed a momentous advancement for the team’s future by announcing his plan to expand the ownership group of the organization. 

This strategic endeavour aims to expand the ownership landscape by welcoming fresh partners to the team.

The Royals have been bringing the sport of baseball to the city of Guelph since being a part of the Intercounty Baseball League in 1919 but have roots dating back to 1861 as the Guelph Maple Leafs with George Sleeman as the team’s financial backer. The Royals remain one of the league's longstanding franchises.

Shawn expressed his commitment to the organization and recognized the possible advantages of having more owners. He stressed the good influence it has on the team’s performance and the overall enjoyment of the game. “My goal from the beginning was to bring Guelph its 10th IBL championship. That hasn’t changed one bit, and I remain committed to that inevitable outcome,” he said.

Cosmos President Cary Kaplan added, “The IBL and the Royals are iconic and often underrated. Aside from the Toronto Blue Jays, the IBL is by far the best baseball in southern Ontario and further offers an affordable family-friendly experience”.

Prospective investors and enthusiasts keen on becoming part of the Royals’ ownership group are invited to reach out via email at Interested parties will have access to a confidential information memorandum, ensuring transparency in the investment process.

About Guelph Royals

The Royals are a revered franchise in the (IBL), renowned as Canada’s premier baseball league. The league features former Major League professionals and elite NCAA college baseball players. A founding member of the league in 1919, the Royals continue to uphold a storied tradition in Canadian baseball, showcasing top-tier baseball talent and contributing to the rich tapestry of Canadian baseball history. The team has been playing in Hastings Stadium in Exhibition Park since 1986.

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