Royals Still Looking To Improve Before Signing Deadline

by Neil Srivastava

The Guelph Royals head into the final hours before the Intercounty Baseball League's signing deadline at midnight Monday night looking to not make any major changes to their roster which has won five in a row and 11 of their last 13  including an 8-5 victory over the first place Welland Jackfish on Saturday night at home. 

The shopping list includes a starting pitcher to help carry some of the load, another catcher to help once Noah Roberts returns to college in the US plus to give Branden Keys a rest from time to time, and potentially another arm for the bullpen to help bridge the gap between a starter and Andrew Case to close it out. 

The Royals are also hopeful that Dario Alvarez's visa will get approved in time for them to qualify him for the postseason, so another pitcher is waiting to be deployed as the pennant race continues.

Across the league, the postseason picture is beginning to become clear.     With only the top five spots left to be determined barring some late-season upsets.

If the standings remain as they are today,   Welland will face Brantford,  London vs. Hamilton,  Guelph vs Kitchener,  Toronto vs. Barrie in the first round.